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Xie Yuxins faint voice sounded as if he had just had his afternoon tea. He was observing everyones conditions spiritually. Their conditions were not considered to be good. Ge Pings wound from yesterday had opened up again. Even though they were at the point where they could no longer advance, the ten minutes of rest time was meant for him.


However, there were more of those who were against them. A strong will deserved to be praised and supported, but it was foolish to not know ones limits. The entire cosmos would be overturned if they were to win.


Besides, many important people from the military world would be attending the main event. The previous section was just noise. And these clever foxes were clear that many would not be happy with Aslan’s way of doing things. But they could not say it. After all, there was no free lunch in the world.


Kashawen smiled slightly. She was not bothered at all by General Bolets offensive words. I can tell that General Bolet thinks very highly of Wang Zheng. I think everyone should be part of such an interesting matter. Whoever loses this bet will buy us dinner?


It was all about the use of energy. Indeed, the Mayans had very distinct control of energy, and the humans could not have imitated it. However, it did not mean that the humans could not find a way to target it. This energy shield was not a conventional energy shield – conventional energy shields could not achieve such results. The excitation and maintenance of the energy shield was due to the Runic Formation. This kind of energy shield had no forms or rules, but rather an order of energy. Once energy had a fixed order, it could not be easily controlled by the Mayans.


However, all the masters present were very calm. They knew the rationale. It was impossible to avoid the power of the Rotating Shovel while fraying to find a breakthrough. Aside from the magical steps that made it impossible for his opponent to hide, the crux of the matter was that Wang Zheng was a very fierce warrior. As soon as there was any sign of hesitation, the death of the opponent would be inevitable.

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Si Jiali had interviewed quite a number of people, and she was surprised to find out that while many believed that the Sword Shield Rose battle team would win the championship, the MVP for this year’s SIG should be awarded to Wang Zheng, even if he would be eliminated in the semifinals.


As the provider of information, the Aslan Empire had specialized individuals to help tabulate the results. Jondi Lilick and Si Jiali were stunned by the huge amounts of data collected.


Anluda looked ferocious. His expectations had been too high, and in the end, he was defeated by a woman he thought of as inferior. He had lost his control already.


Wang Zheng did not disrespect his opponent. As one of the top ten captains and a mature member of the special forces, he was definitely skilful. Combat skills could only represent part of his skills. Among his opponents, González was the most composed, running unswervingly, without hesitation. This was not a question of reputation. It could be said to be cowardice or, from another point of view, this was a true warrior; understanding when to charge, when to retreat, when to fight for life.


The Runic Matrix that was like a force vacuum, rendering all of Dina Atlas attacks futile.


The meaning behind this battle was not to compare notes, but to compete – it could even be a battle to the death. It was obvious that he was not thinking straight in the battle just now. Although he was fanatic, he had made too many mistakes.


Just then, someone had already trained their laser gun from the shadows. With enough people, all kinds of things would be tried. Evidently, some people were apprehensive, others less so. Finish off Wang Zheng. Regardless of the outcome, you would become famous overnight. That was enough. Elimination, so be it!



Actually, Laurel felt that Yan Xiaosu firstly needed to swallow his pride. That was a sign of attitude, and only with attitude could chances flourish. Of course, for this project to come this far, they had already entered a closed fight within the industry. They had thought too little of this. In business, knowing how to advance did not count for much. What mattered was when to retreat.



“Oh! You mean Wang Zheng is hiding his true strength. But then why are you still more optimistic about Aragorn?” Si Jiali was even more intrigued, and so were the others.


At the same time, this was also Wang Zhengs greatest strength. When Zhang Shan bet his life and won, there was nothing else in the world that could have stopped Wang Zheng.


All six Rune Warriors were in shreds and patches, as if they would crumble in the wind.

  • After a short moment of silence, the whole arena erupted in cheers. In contrast to the dejected Aslan citizens, those that supported Saruman Snake were crazily celebrating. Back on the Moon, Achilles victory brought countless people to tears. The people of the Moon had waited for far too long they have desired such a perfect victory, a matchs victory that fits the standard of beauty of the people of the Moon. Who knew how many talents from the Moon had been lost. And today, Achilles had finally stood out. In this moment, Achilles won over all of the people of the Moon.
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