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If Aina was the emblem of intellect and victory, then Lin Huiyin was the epitome of warmth and good. She was never thought of in the same sentence as tenacity, but in this moment, Ouyang Ruoliu saw no fear in Huiyin’s eyes, only tenacity.


A bracelet had been installed onto everyone’s hands, so unless they cut off their hands, it could not be taken off. The bracelets had a countdown timer, and they had to go through continuous battles in order to earn time. Once the time was up, it would explode.


The strain of such an attack was huge. If Wang Zheng had completely mastered it, his hand would have sustained damage, although not that seriously.


Captain Lilick, what are your thoughts about the outcome of the first battle? asked Si Jiali. She would not dare to shoot her mouth off in such areas, as they involved many different details. If she got the facts wrong, she would become a laughing stock. However, with Jondi Lilicks capabilities, he would definitely provide clear and proper analysis.


Wang Zheng and the rest were all very calm, only their eyes had revealed slight restrained fear. Although it was just a conjecture, they had never expected that it would be of such strength. From the start, Luo Fei had already known how to deal with Mars, who had displayed his abilities multiple times and already had no secret abilities hidden. As such, he would inevitably finish him.


As for that golden finger, the screen was also too blurry. This spoke of a strength class that surpassed the normal physical world. This kid was full of surprises.

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The blue Rune Warrior paused slightly. The mech suddenly lost control, and in the next second, it crashed into the energy protection wall.


All the members of the big battle teams were present in this round. The reason laid on the fact that by watching Wang Zheng repeatedly, you would be able to feel his subtle movements and rhythms. You would then get use to those movement and rhythm and uncover the means to deal with him. Afterall, they were in the same grade.


The entire arena was totally silent. This video image was absolutely stunning. Honestly, those who had watched it live at the arena could never have imagined such an outcome.


Atlas walked onto the battlefield… but suddenly turned around, back facing Wang Zheng. “That’s the end for today. Before the main competition, if anyone wants to find Wang Zheng, you can go through me.”


Perhaps, but the difference in strength between both teams is still there, Wang Zheng replied. Truthfully, the chances were slim. For this SIG, the Sword Shield Rose battle team was indeed the overall strongest team. They were humans with the advantages of the Atlanteans. The Sword Shield Rose battle team was different from the Soulless battle team, as they were much more talented. Although they looked like elegant nobles, it did not mean that they were not serious about their training.


“Dear Little Dong Dong, this is a battle. From the start, there have been many deaths and injuries. The only logic is that the weak will feed the strong. Look, even I know that.” Qian Xuedie furiously licked her lollipop. This was over. He was about to be beaten to death in series.


An unknown number of people closed their eyes, not having the heart to watch this scene. Did he have to be struck down by these swords?



A strike of the Hidden Dragon maneuver. One single maneuver countered all maneuvers, be it up the mountains, in the water, or on land. No matter how Merte manipulated the Maya’s Mantis for the attacks, the Aeolus could always manage to dodge the attacks.



But it was not as though Wang Zheng felt no pressure. The compilation of results was extremely quick. Although Wang Zheng had displayed godlike potential, Saruman Snake’s overall score was not even in the top 10.


It was no surprise that Lin Feng chose the Knight of Holy Light. The whole world had to admit that Aslans Holy Light series would definitely start a round of arms reform and competition. They had also prepared for a long time before making a big bang on the SIG stage. In terms of the promotion of the mech, they had already won the world over.


Just as it seemed that the Knight of Holy Light would be turned into nothing, Lin Feng activated teleportation. Thereafter, the Knight of Holy Light shone brightly and broke loose from the dead corner, opening up a distance.

  • The two mecha suddenly went into light speed. Like lightning, the two titanium blades struck each other. Not only did the two mecha not fall, they rose up even higher.
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