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Jondi Lilick smiled slightly. “The news from the royal family cannot be wrong, but the Aslan agenda invites speculation. It must be because of the Milky Way Alliance elections in three months’ time. Our Manalasuo has always been their greatest sniper. Perhaps they’re changing their methods.”


Those present were all professional warriors. Especially for the Manalasuo mechanics, it was even clearer. Although it was rarely seen, it was very useful in a decisive battle. This showed that this person, Zhou Yun, was an expert in martial arts.


These three had thrown their lot in with Lear. Although it sounded dignified, they were really trying to ride his coattails to greatness. That was why they needed Lear’s trust and dependence. This fatty’s existence had cramped their progress on all fronts.


Hinrich’s Ability X was the standard fire element, filled with violent expansion and burning power. However, Lie Xin’s flame was the fierce fire that had gone through the baptism of the ancient martial arts. It was more purified.


Basically, Bolet’s judgement and Wang Zheng’s thinking were aligned. Wang Zheng’s atomic break was clearly not complete yet. Although it had terrifying power, it could be avoided. Especially for an opponent like Qiqin Nacchai. Clearly, Qiqin Nacchai had overthought the issue. He still had to think of his own future after Wang Zheng’s demise, and had tried to avoid injury. Those were the consequences of overthinking.


This person was really… not that fetching. Or at least, he was different from the Aslan handsome. But for some reason, he smelled so good. It was not fragrant, but warm.

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The immersed pressures shrouded the entire arena instantly. It also affected the audience outside the arena. This sort of spiritual assault could not be defended by the energy shield. A spiritual storm had been formed in the arena.


Actually, deep down, she, as well as others, had become curious about the man who had moved Her Highness Aina.


Lear’s eyes flashed. He knew that this would happen. This guy was like a cockroach. Even if he was going to die, he would not die here.


Ogan was fuming mad. He was an Astinian, a blazing messenger, an Earth-rank warrior. Reserves?


If the first round could be decided, then it would be smooth sailing. They could react to whatever followed. Basically, Saruman Snake would see whether to send Wang Zheng, Lie Xin, or Mu Zhen for the next two rounds.


This was the thought of everyone from Aslan. The citizens of Aslan hoped to see an exciting battle, but no one would wish to see their countrys team lose.


Wang Zheng, sitting beside the campfire, was a profound mystery. A wave of dense pressure enveloped Zhang Zhun. He was breathless, and about to pass out. His wounds were reacting as well.



It was the same for the Dynasty battle team. They were facing the Sirius Star team, who although have yet to be in the top ten, were no doubt a super strong team. This could be understood from within Elite Academy X, where the leading person was also Sirius Star’s Earth-rank warrior. And as the leader of a top ranking team, his Earth rank would be at the same level, at least an Earth 1 standard. This time’s SIG was a battle between military schools in name, but, in fact, people who were already in the military were also taking part. However, Elite Academy X’s representative team were definitely real students, and this would be a slight disadvantage.



Exchange places, Papilsag, Santander! said Ander Lucia in a low voice. Everyone, remember, dont attack rashly. Gradation depletion. His physical strength and spiritual power cannot hold out for too long. Maintain a good formation and Space Aisle. Dont take on the attacks directly. Enhance the usage of Karamso!


Noel was expressionless in his cockpit. So were the members of the Soulless battle team. It was not unusual for the Atlanteans, as well as some people with powerful Ability Xs, to be skillful at mental assaults.


Checking through his things, he felt the Ability X bracelet’s inhibitive ability. Wang Zheng knew that this quality must be the best, so there was no need to test it. There had been many tests this month, and he liked these battles.

  • Mars could clearly feel that the Wind God Arts and the Heavenly Overlord Attack were two completely different styles, although their effects seemed very similar. The Heavenly Overlord Attack was about training strength, while the Wind God Arts sought speed. Of course, quick had to come with a powerful body supporting it. The difference was that once Wind God Arts reached a certain level, the speed alone could be enough to warp space.
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