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Download Add-Venture v1.87

If you don't use Windows on your desktop computer (e.g. Linux or Mac users) or you are downloading using your Pocket PC, you should download the CAB file.
The CAB files are run directly on your Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) device.

In case you have Windows (95, 98/ME or NT/2000/XP/Vista or newer) on your desktop computer you can download add-vent.exe and run it on your desktop computer.

Please select your download:

  Pocket PC CAB file Add-Venture.CAB
5.15 MB
CAB files should be run on Pocket PC device
Copy the file to your device and use File Explorer on device to start the CAB file. After the install procedure is finished you can delete this file from your device.
Desktop file add-vent.exe
3.43 MB
This file can be run on Windows 95, 98/ME or NT/2000/XP/Vista or newer
If you have Microsoft Active Sync installed the game will be automatically installed to your connected device. If not, the installer will open a folder where Add-Venture.CAB file will be extracted and you should then copy and run it on your device.
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